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WordPress TextMate Bundle Updated

Updated WordPress Bundle

The must have bundle for WordPress developers has been updated for 3.2 to include some rad features and UI updates. A feature I may be using more now is the function definitions, placing the carat inside a function and hitting command+shift+H will pop up an attractive and useful dialog box with information on the function. Handy.

You can read a bit more on the bundle here and then head over to its github page to download it.

The easiest way I know of to install or update the bundle is to download the master zip from github, unzip the file, then change the name on the resulting folder to delete the alphanumeric string and leave an extension of .tmbundle this will magically make a double-clickable icon to install or update the WordPress bundle.


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A Bundle For Shopify Themes

TextMate & Shopify!

Do you work with Shopify at all? If so you should really check out the bundle for TextMate that lets you interact with assets from the comfort of your text editor.

You will be able to add your Shopify API key and store name to TextMates variables and edit your stores theme file locally. I definitely need to find a reason to open a store now.

Grab the bundle and get shopifying!

Shopify TextMate Bundle

Proudly endorsed by: Breezeful Mortgages

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Mailchimp Integration Bundle

Mailchimp Bundle!

Mailchimp is an awesome email newsletter provider, and has become more awesome thanks to this new TextMate bundle to integrate with it.

The bundle is API based allowing you to create and edit templates and campaigns from your favorite text editor.

Thanks to @meeech for pointing this out!

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TextMate Shortcuts Wallpaper

A handy wallpaper of all those shortcuts you probably dont have memorized!

TextMate Shortcuts Wallpaper

Big thanks to Preston Badeer for submitting this!
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JSLintMate: Run JSLint or JSHint in TextMate

Awesome bundle for TextMate to check that JavaScript you should be linting!

Developer Ron Devera dropped the JSLintMate bundle, with option to run the friendlier JSHint as well. It sports a sleek UI and plenty of power.

From the dev:

It supports both JSLint and JSHint, has a simple, shiny UI, and its quick to install all dependencies are already built into OS X. Advanced users can even configure JSLint/JSHint flags via a config file, globally, or for individual files.

Go check it out! JSLintMate

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New Bundle for Monkey!?

Yes, I had to post this from a tweet I just got about a new bundle for a programming language called Monkey that I had not heard of, sweet. Thanks to @gingerbeardman for the link!

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Clipboard History

CTRL + Alt + Command + V = Bliss

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New Bundle!

Bring JSHint into your TextMate.

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Automate PDF Creation

Found this article by the same dude who wrote the awesome TextMate book.

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Show Me Your Bundles!

What Are You Bundling?

A question came up wondering what bundles I use in my TextMate daily life, so I figured why not make it a community show and tell!

Along with some of the awesome bundles that are already pre-built into TextMate, here are some of the major ones I use during my web development routine.


The CodeIgniter bundle can be found in this nettuts article. I actually found it by accident when I first started learning CodeIgniter, and am glad I did, as it is full of goodies. Check it out.


GitHub is a social code repository type sharing place thingy. I have only recently begun to use it, and this is a nice add on bundle for TextMate. You can grab it here.


I dont have to explain this one right?

jQuery is a super rad JavaScript library, and this bundle is from Karl Swedberg a super nice guy who happens to be on the jQuery team. Grab this must have bundle on GitHub.


First off, shutup. No flame wars. I use Joomla for some projects and when I do I employ this terrific bundle to remember some of the powerful features.


Yes, I also use WordPress! So there. A superb bundle for the platform you can grab from Yoast.


I have just started diving into Sencha, and have found this packed bundle incredibly useful in learning all the syntax. Be sure to nab this one if you do any Sencha dev.

And You?

So what bundles do you have? That you think everyone should know about? Come on, share already!

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